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25% of profits go to fund the arts in local schools.

Visit the youth art page to appreciate kids' artwork!

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The South Coast Artists' Alliance is an inclusive and welcoming non-profit dedicated to promoting art and artists in the San Mateo - Santa Cruz coastal region.


We believe that creativity is essential to the soul, that artistic expression is vital to society, and that art can change the world. We value inspired individuals, diverse cultures, and an eclectic range of artistic modes. We support local artists through annual art shows and art education through annual grants. We aspire to engage our community, to synthesize the creative endeavors of everyone, and to bring beauty and thought, in their myriad manifestations, into the hearts and minds of all.


For 30 years, SCAA has served hundreds of local artists and supported the art education programs of the La Honda Pescadero Unified School District. We hope you will join us by participating as an artist, an arts patron, an active community member, a teacher or student, or simply a lover of aesthetics and humanity.



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