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Jack McKinnon

Scrolls are a functional, portable form of art. Sometimes symbolic,  most of the time invoking an emotion. This project of 200 scrolls is for the most part not representative. If you see something in the scroll, like if you see something in a cloud, it’s you not me the artist that is seeing that.

Portability is significant if one spends time away from home. The scrolls can be rolled up and easily fit in a suitcase. They can be hung with pushpins or using a metal strip taped to the wall, and magnets securing the canvas.

The acrylic paint used on the scrolls is archival.

Each scroll is titled "Scroll"

$ 300/each

Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 72

McKinnon J -Scroll4.jpeg
McKinnon J -Scroll 3.jpeg
McKinnon J -Scroll.jpeg
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