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Check out the 2022 art show. 

Preview art in the gallery below.


Thank YOU for supporting the local arts!

25% of the proceeds of art sales go to support kids art programs and scholarships. If you'd like to donate, click on the DONATE button.

Exhibiting Artists

Some artists are sharing artwork and websites.

Click on their name to access their individual pages.

Rebecca Holland
Kim Hussey*

Rosa Lawson

Nancy Lewis

Joan Margolies-Kiernan

Taya Markham

Claudia Marshall

Diane Lee Moomey

Heather Anne Mosby

Shahla Motamedi

Mitchell Neto

Bill Owston

Catherine Peery

Dana Pitchon

*artists' pages that show only artwork from previous years

The Art Exhibit

Art Exhibit

This is some of the artwork in the 2022 SCAA artshow. Come in person to see it all!

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