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August 18, 7-9
Preview at 6

Art Show
August 19 & 20, 10-6

Stage Road

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For artists interested in participating in the 2023 show. Please click here for the registration form and more info.

25% of profits go to fund the arts in

local schools.

Don San Francisco - Delma Soult.jpg

Don San Francisco by Delma Soult

Exhibiting Artists

Some artists are sharing artwork and websites. Click on their name to access their individual pages.

Suzanna Gulmert 

Susan Harrison 

Monique Hodgkinson

Rebecca Holland 

Kim Hussey

Anne Ingraham

Denice Kilik

Denise Marks

Linda Bea Miller 

Ruby Monsen 

Diane Lee Moomey

Heather Anne Mosby 

Mitchell Neto 

Dana Pitchon 

Mathew J. Pitchon 

Sally Rayn 


The Art Exhibit

Artwork from the 2023 SCAA show. 

Art Exhibit
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