Check out the 2022 art show. 

Preview art in the gallery below. Special Thanks to participants of last year's 2021 SCAA Art Show at Harley Farms.  It was an enormous success.

We look forward to seeing your art in this year's 2022 Show coming soon!!


Thank YOU for supporting the local arts!

25% of the proceeds of art sales go to support kids art programs and scholarships. If you'd like to donate, click on the DONATE button.

Exhibiting Artists

Click on highlighted artists to view their work and contact info, or view the gallery below.

William Bishop
Lois Brown
Edgar Cervantes Meza
Chuck Clark
Carol Elsworthy
Ron Emerson
Nathalie Fabri
Judy Freeland
Susan Friedman
Dan Geraci
Barbara Grauke
Lora Groves
Suzanna Gulmert
Susan Harrison
Rebecca Holland
Kim Hussey
Anne Ingraham

Tamar Ingber

Jen Lo

Martine Mahoudeau

Denise Marks

Jack McKinnon

Heather Anne Mosby

Erika Perloff

Dana Pitchon

Mel Preston

Sally Rayn

Mark Roberts

Alex Rohrig

Beth Ross

Alex Rohrig

Karen Shaff

Tom Shuman

Maya Srinivasan

M. Patricia Soto-Minder

Delma Soult

Yoko Tahara

Bill Thompson

John Tyler

Randall Vail

Lorraine Vallero

Paola Vazquez

Lynnette Vega

Jeanne Wardrip

Shannon Webb

Deborah Webster

David Wong

The Art Exhibit


This is just a selection of the artwork in the 2021 show.