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Karen Shaff

I love to create art in almost everything I do. I embrace nature’s offerings and allow the process of connecting with the natural world to guide me in the designs that flow naturally in whatever medium I have at hand. On the beach, it’s the sand, wind and water. As I doodle and dance, a design begins to evolve, and when I am “done” I send my creative wishes and energy back to nature, allowing the ocean to gently lap up the energy, swallow it, digest it, and distribute it to other beaches along the Pacific coast. I also enjoy exploring local forests and collecting bits of trees, flowers, rocks, and other found objects, assembling them into various designs along hiking trails, and hoping to bring smiles to those who come upon it along their walk. In addition, I like to photograph my creations and mother nature’s creations along the path of my life. I paint in watercolor, or acrylic; sometimes water-based ink pencils, or just sketching with a regular pencil or pen wherever I am with the tools I have at hand. I feel it’s important to me to keep my creativity alive by doing some form of artwork regularly, and sharing it with others, inspiring the love of the process.

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