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Ken Takara

"White/Blue Tray with Bamboo Handle"

$ 120

Red Stoneware, 13.5 x 2 x 12.5

TRAY_2RST-t_2002a White Blue Tray IMG_34

Ken Takara threw this tray on his potter's kick wheel, and added the lugs that hold the bamboo handles. He harvested the black bamboo from a friend's yard, then bent it by hand using a heat gun. The two culms were attached to the tray with a piece of steel wire hidden inside, then wrapped with cane. It is lead free, and can be used to serve food. Because the bamboo is an organic material, it's best to hand wash the tray, and wipe the bamboo with a damp cloth. Do not use this tray in a microwave oven; the steel wire will spark, and the bamboo may be damaged.

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