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Joan Margolies-Kiernan

"The Return"

$ 150

Black sharpie and water-based oil paint,

12" x 12"

Artists radio Interview


Joan Margolies-Kiernan

"Stand Alone" (second piece)

$ 200

Black sharpie, water-based oil paint on Arches 300 lb watercolor paper, framed in a white contour frame

20" x 16"

Joan Margolies Stand Alone 1.jpg

I reach toward the unknown by spontaneously drawing lines across blank water color paper with a black sharpie. This unconscious process of mark making encourages a meditative state that allows me to enter into the unseen world that surrounds everyday existence. I develop an infrastructure from which abstract figurative images emerge. I continue completion of the image with water based oil paint to defines shapes withing the drawn lines.

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